Monday, 27 June 2016

Mod Boating Blazers Part 1 - The History

Boating blazers are a massive part of Mod culture. They manage to combine a smart an sophisticated look with cool Ivy League style. With their bold striped design and tailored fit they were won over by the Mods during the 60s and to this day you will always find a boating blazer in a Mods wardrobe!

You would never think that the first blazers were originally worn by American students for athletic needs! With their tailored cut now a days you would never be able to wear one for sport! Blazers were first introduced for rowers from Oxford and Cambridge. They were used when competing in rowing races and meant to keep the rowers warm on chilly training sessions and were loose fitting so it wouldn't restrict movement. They were first in plain block colours but soon the bold colours and stripes were introduced and which were used to identify which team were who when competing.

The blazers soon became a fashion trend and rowers wore them on college grounds. The Ivy League blazers often featured bold stripe designs in an array of colours. Some had contrast piping which was iconic of the American rowing blazers. They were all finished with a college crest to chest which was used to differentiate the colleges.

American students in the 50s/60s undeniably set fashion trends and the Ivy League look soon became popular with Mods. Mods often took cool clothing and made it their own. They adapted several American Ivy League looks like penny loafers, merino sweaters and of course the boating blazers.

In the early 1960s the boating blazer became a crucial part of a Mods wardrobe. In an array of colours and bold stripe designs; boating blazers soon took over 60s Boutiques on Kings Road and Carnaby Street. Mods adapted the style and lost the college crests, added an extra ticket pocket and often were made into a slim cut.

Icons during the 1960s often sported a statement boating blazer. Idols of the 60s set the trends and many young British Mods wanted to get their look. From classic tailored sophisticated blazers to daring colourful blazers, your Mod icon was sure to have a boating blazer in their wardrobe!

Keith Moon from The Who sported a 4 button boating blazer in a vibrant colour way. A definite statement item which he has teamed with a pink shirt!

Eric Burdon from The Animals was spotted wearing a classic boating blazer. With fine stripe detailing and a slim fit cut it sure adds a sophisticated look to a casual outfit.

During the Mod Revival in the 70s, the boating blazer was still an important clothing piece. A statement item, that was guaranteed to give you a smart but cool look. As well as bringing 60s music back to life, many Mods brought the clothing back too. It was all about parkas, polos and boating blazers and many Mod Revival idols rocked a boating blazer.

The Jam are massive icons of the Mod Revival. They brought classic 60s music to the 70s along with style! Rick Buckler sported a vibrant navy and royal blue boating blazer, with casual jeans and shirt.

An iconic scene in the film, Quadrophenia the main character Jimmy out of is sporting a fab boating blazer whilst on his scooter.

To this day a boating blazer is still popular within American collegiate students but is also still very much a statement item for British Mods. You can get so many different boating blazers in an array of colours and designs!

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