Thursday, 9 June 2016

Madcap England 'Mavers' Is Back In A New Colour!

The Madcap England 'Mavers' Retro knitted track top is an absolute classic. It proved that popular that it is back for SS16 in a fab new colour way! Packed with cool Mod style with a hint of Vintage charm. 'Mavers' originally came in black with vibrant chest stripes in orange and red. It's classic Retro style is still prominent in the new navy, white and red colour way!

'Mavers' is a cool amalgamation of classic Sixties Mod styling with Indie Britpop influence. Benefitting from a striking Retro chest stripe detail and traditional Mod pointed collar, the 'Mavers' blends stylish cardigan aesthetics with old skool 1970s sports flair. A true Retro Clothing masterpiece with genuine Vintage charm, Madcap England's 'Mavers' knit track top is sure to stand out!


The original Madcap England 'Mavers' in black, orange and red!


The new Madcap England 'Mavers' in navy, red and white!

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