Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Introducing the Madcap England 'Moon' T-Shirt

Brand new in for this season is the fantastic Madcap England 'Moon' knitted t-shirt! This short sleeve knitted tee features striking Retro ribbed tipped trim that really sets the garment apart. An absolute 60s Mod classic, great for any occasion.

Inspired by legendary drummer Keith Moon, this short sleeve knit goes great with white drainpipe jeans, Mod desert boots and a Premier Custom Drum Kit if you're going all out Moon the Loon! Even if you haven't got a drum kit, you can always pretend you have, and then you'd be a mental drummer just like Keith!

Smart but casual with that essential cool Mod vibe. This soft cotton knitted tee is sure to look fab for you're upcoming gigs or festivals!


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