Friday, 29 April 2016

Nic Armstrong & The Thieves Play At Stubbs!

Nic Armstrong & The Thieves played at Stubbs, Austin in the US rocking Madcap England's 'Penny Dot Lane' shirts!

Stubbs is a legendary bar in the US that often has awesome live gigs. In the 1970s Stubbs became the heart of the explosive music scene and has had many famous musicians perform there such as; Johnny Cash, Muddy Waters and Robert Cray.

Nic Armstrong & The Thieves took over the Stubbs stage performing tracks from their fantastic 'Negative Slant' album.

Nic Armstrong often wears Madcap England clothes and now he has got the whole band to join in! All wearing Madcap England 'Penny Dot Lane' polka dot shirts they sure looked great on stage.

Check below for some pictures from the gig.

Check Nic Armstrong & The Thieves site to see their up coming gigs!

All images were taken by Matt Lankes.