Monday, 16 May 2016

Phenomenal Psychedelic Prints

If you haven't noticed already... Madcap England have some of the most cracking Retro Psychedelic prints! From shirts to dresses our fantastic prints come in an array of colours, shapes and styles. Each and every one of them are packed with Retro style and definitely turns head wherever you go!

What's a better time than Summer to wear these vibrant prints. Let the sun light up your colourful shirt or dress and walk proudly in your psychedelic clothing masterpiece!

The polka dot print is an absolute Retro classic. Everyone and anyone wears a good ole' polka dot print and they look fantastic in an array of colours!

Madcap England's polka dot print features on:

An op art print is a psychedelic 60s masterpiece. In a range of vibrant colours and amazing swirling op art motifs they look fantastic on shirts to dresses!

Madcap England's op art prints feature on:

A paisley print is a Sixties must have! With a display of daring colours and unique paisley motifs they look great on shirts to dresses.

Madcap England paisley prints feature on:

A geometric print oozes with 60s style. Using fantastic shapes and bold colours to create awesome vivid designs that look fantastic on shirts

Madcap England geometric prints feature on:

A classic Sixties print is an essential for your wardrobe. It adds style and colour to any outfit and these fab two prints are in neat bold colours!

Madcap England sixties prints feature on:

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